4th Leg - Bottle Conditioned w/ Brettanomyces (Russian Imperial Stout) 750ml

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Our 4th anniversary brew, this big Russian Imperial Stout was fermented with Norwegian kveik yeast and then aged on oak, creating an immensely complex beer. Layers of specialty malt create a complex mix of bread, caramel, toffee, and coffee like roastiness. Oak-aging adds additional notes of coconut, vanilla, and smoke, and finally the kveik yeast adds subtle tropical fruit notes. We then bottle conditioned this beer with Brettanomyces (wild yeast) to add additional complexity with notes of fruit, funk, and bit of tartness. - 9.7%

Note: Due to the nature of bottle conditioning with wild yeast the resulting carbonation level can vary and may be lower, similar to cask conditioned beer.

Pickup available starting on 9/2.

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